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Here are the next 10 activities at the pool

  • Mon, Feb 27 - 7:30 pm ---- Annual Budget Vote @ Ledo's
  • Sat, May 27 - 11:00 am ---- Pool Opens
  • Mon, Sep 4 - 5:00 pm ---- Pool Closes

Happy New Year Mill Creek Towne!

The 2017 pool season will be here in no time and it’s never too soon to start making those summer pool plans. The Board of Directors has been busy in the off-season, thinking of ways to make our pool the best neighborhood community pool in Montgomery County. A number of decisions have already been made that we hope will make your 2017 summer fantastic.

For starters, membership dues will remain the same as last summer for returning members with a payment plan option.

Payment Plan
If you would like, payments can be made on a monthly basis beginning February 1 for full family memberships or beginning in March for all other membership types. This is a HUGE change from prior years that we hope will help our members better manage their pool dues. Click here for details.

Pool Management Company
Georgetown Aquatics will remain as our pool management company for 2017. Interested candidates for manager, assistant managers, and lifeguards should apply at Geogetown Aquatics Employment.

New Furniture!
We’ve got 40 new lounge chairs and 20 new high back chairs and 12 new sand chairs for 2017! Look out Derwood – sun bathing will be in full swing this summer!

Swim and Dive Team Sponsorships!
The MCT Marlins will be seeking sponsorships for the swim and dive team this year. The Marlins host 1-2 home meets per week which expands a donor’s advertising dollar beyond the Marlin community to other teams and potentially hundreds of people visiting our pool. Click here to download a sponsorship form: Sponsorship Form or email our Marketing Director.

Volunteers Needed
We are in need of several volunteers three of our committees: (1) Pool and grounds and (2) Snack Bar and (3) Social Events.

Pool and Grounds: We will be dedicating at least 4 weekends this spring (2 in April and 2 in May) to cleaning, painting, and shrub maintenance. Please consider volunteering your time and talents to this need. If you can help, send an email to membership@mctsa.com with your name and contact information and your special talents. We’ll be in touch.

Snack Bar: We need a committee of 3-4 dedicated and committed volunteers to shop/stock/manage the snack bar inventory. This is too much for just one person! The snack bar is an integral part of the success of our pool. If you can help, send an email to membership@mctsa.com with your name and contact information.

Social Events: We are looking for 2-3 people to run the Kids Movie Night and Tween Social events this summer. For Kids Movie Night the duties include advertising, choosing and setting up the movie, and coordinating with snack bar committee for appropriate snacks. For Tween Social, duties involve advertising, collecting entrance fees, coordinating the DJ entertainment, and coordinating pizzas and drinks. If you can help, send an email to membership@mctsa.com with your name and contact information.

2017 Pool Board and Committees
President – Jon Lockard
Vice-President – Jeff Rahr
Treasurer – Dawn Trahern
Secretary – Mary Moore
Director – Jim Crocker
Director – Lorie Powell
Director – Mark Matusek
Director – David Bixler
Director – Joni Mackesy

Committees and Groups:

Social – Kerri Reid and Colleen O’Hara
Dive Rep – Heather Whirley
Swim Rep – Jennifer Crocker
Snack Bar Coordinator – Emily Matusek
Membership – Liz Spear
Additional Pool and Grounds – John Crocker
Ad Hoc/Catch all – Guy Federico

Thanks to all of our volunteers that help to make MCTSA a great place!


Interested in joining our pool?  For complete information see the Membership page or contact us by email:  membership@mctsa.com